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Do I need to schedule a meeting to talk to a floral designer about my wedding?

Yes, we invite you to make an appointment so that we may give you our individual attention. Our studio-showroom is open by                         appointment only so it is important that we be expecting you. 
                The hour long consultation will allow you the opportunity to share with us your style, ideas, passions, and interests. Whatever is                       most important to you will help us create customized floral designs for your special event.  

           How long does a meeting last? 

                Our initial  meeting will last approximately one hour. If you are running more than 15 minutes late you may wish to reschedule so                   that you are ensured a relaxed and productive meeting.   

                   What will happen during our meeting?

                At Allure Floral Design, we begin with your ideas and then create custom design options just for you. We get to know you by                         listening to your ideas.  
                During your  complimentary consultation you can view our portfolios and select your favorite designs. We will gather pertinent                         information, exchange ideas, discuss colors, flowers and options that will make your wedding a truly unique and wonderful expression                   of your and your partner.  

                   Do you offer a floral packages?  

                No, we do not work with packages. Our main focus remains to be a custom floral design studio. However, once in a while we have                     special offers, which you can find on our website. 

               Can you email me pricing? 

             You can email us your 'wish list', and we can give you an average prices per arrangement if you provide us the flowers and colors                   that you like. Cost depends heavily on how many flowers are used, how ornate the bouquets or decorations are, the time of the year,                 the type of flowers used and whether the are locally grown. Simple designs with in-season, local flowers are cheapest while elaborate                   designs with exotic flowers shipped from far away, are most expensive. There is not a 'one-size-fits-all' answers to those questions.  
             For detailed proposal we would recommend you to schedule a meeting. Keep in mind that everything we design and create for you is                 unique and one-of-a-kind. We pride ourselves in working with every client's budget to create the most beautiful floral presentation                       possible.     

               If the proposal total is more then my budget, can I eliminate some of the items listed? 

                Of course you may. The order must continue to meet our minimum $700.00 requirement unless approved in advance by                               management. We suggest you discuss with us your concern and ask for suggestions to reduce the cost. Your proposal may also list                   several cost saving ideas that you can adopt. Our staff can help you decide what items can be eliminated while still maintaining the                   same level of design integrity and style. We have compiled decades of solutions to meet all of your needs.

What flowers will be available for my wedding?

                If you provide us with your email address we can send you a list of sites detailing seasonal availability plus photos in many cases.                     Try these sites for seasonal lists:
                California Cut Flower Commission
                You can also check flowers color availability.

                   Do you do anything other then flowers? 

        /    In addition to our floral design, we provide rental items such as: vases, arches, chuppahs, columns, glass or metal containers - really                    everything that you'll need to decor at both the wedding site and the reception. Our selection of resources is extensive and many items                are available for either purchase or rental.

                  Can I provide my own vases?   

      Yes. You must provide items that are clean and table ready. We also require that one extra vase be left with us in the unforeseen                      event of breakage or damage. Plus, the extra item can be beneficial if you need to add an extra reception table the week of the                        wedding. Unclean vases or items will be accessed a fee if the we need to prepare your products.
               We can also set up your items if your coordinator or event manager does not provide this service. Our fees will be included with your                proposal.  

                  Do you charge for a 'Sample Centerpiece' ?

               Yes, We charge full retail price if you have not yet booked with Allure Floral Design. If you book, as a result of seeing your sample                  you will receive a credit of 20‰ of the retail price on your order. 
               If you wish to book your date immediately and see a sample at a later date we offer a 20‰ discount for your sample piece and you                enjoy the savings right away.   
               Samples will be prepared for your approval. Changes and adjustments can be made until you approve the look. A photograph of the                approved sample will be placed on your file for reference. You are able to take the sample with you that day.
               If a rental item is needed to display the piece it may be taken with you provided that we have completed credit card authorization                    form on file. The rental item must be returned to us in good condition within 72 hours in order to avoid credit card fee as noted in                    the rental agreement. 
               This provides a perfect opportunity to take the centerpiece to the reception venue to see how it will work for the wedding. Please                    note that seasonal availability may affect the accuracy of the sample, however, the design concept will remain intact. Keep in mind                    that some changes you request may affect the cost of the piece.  

   Can you provide references? 

                       Absolutely, we have several hundred references references and Thank You notes displayed in our studio. There is also sampling of                    testimonials online. Feel free to browse through all them when you visit!
               The Knot
               Wedding Wire

              Do you require a deposit to reserve the date?

            Yes. A non-refundable deposit-retainer reserves the date. Please keep in mind we provide our services on a first-come, first-serve basis.                We limit the number of weddings we book in order to maintain quality products and personal service.  

Do you charge a delivery fee for wedding and special events? 

            Yes. The fees will be outlined on your proposal: the cost of delivery, installation, removal and return props and-or flowers. Fees are                    determined by the amount of travel time, after hours, or overtime tear down, number of staff members required, complexity of set up,                    etc.

              Do you deliver outside of the New Jersey area? 

               We prefer to stay focused on the Tri-State area. Flower quality and customer satisfaction are paramount to our success. Unfortunately,                we cannot have one without the other. Due to the fragile nature of the flowers we must keep our delivery area focused on the Tri-                    State area. We service: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware. Other areas, if accepted, will incur additional                    delivery fees.

              Will you travel outside of the Tri State Area? Do you do destination weddings? 

               We can travel. Our minimum floral order for travel is $3,500.00 plus any overnight or travel fees incurred and $100 per employee                  per day. 

              Can I pay my bill when the flowers are delivered? 

               No, all weddings and special events orders are to be paid in full a minimum of two weeks prior to the date of the event. In the event                  that the balance is not paid by the deadline date the event will be removed from our schedule and the deposit forfeited. 
              When is the balance due? 

              The balance is due, in full, two (2) weeks before the wedding. The "Terms of Agreement" outlines the payment policies.

Do you accept credit cards? 

              No, we accept checks, cash and money orders. 

             Does Allure Floral Design have liability insurance?

              Yes, as a legal NJ corporation we are required by law to carry liability insurance covering any accidents or damages arising from the               use our our products and-or services. 

Allure Floral Design reserves the right to modify these statements as necessary and without notice.